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  • JUST IN : How I Printed My Result From JAMB Portal, STUDENT Accused Of Forgery CLEAR THE AIR .
    JUST IN : How I Printed My Result From JAMB Portal, STUDENT Accused Of Forgery CLEAR THE AIR .
  • JUST IN : How I Printed My Result From JAMB Portal, Pupil Accused Of Forgery CLEAR THE AIR* .

    The trending student of Anglican Girls Secondary School, Nnewi, Anambra State, Who Goes By The Name ‘Ejikwme Mmesoma’ who was accused of inflating her Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result, has broken her silence.

    On Sunday Fabian Benjamin, JAMB spokesperson, had said the student, who was widely celebrated over 362 score, said to be the highest for 2023 UTME, actually scored 249 in the exam.

    Benjamin had said the student tampered with the original result to her favour.

    He subsequently announced that the result would be withdrawn while Mmesoma would face prosecution.

    But speaking on Monday, the student said she printed her result from JAMB portal, adding that she was not capable of forging her result.

    She said she had always been a Intelligent Student who Always had first position from primary school days.

    Mmesoma said she was invited by the Department of State Services (DSS) where her statement was taken, and she was told that investigation was ongoing.

    “I’m the owner of this result. I went to the JAMB portal to print this result and this is what i was given. So, this is my aggregate; 362. This is exactly how I printed it. They now saying that I forged my result is what I don’t know and I am traumatized that they accused me of forging my own results because I am not capable of this.”

    “They scanned the QR code and said it showed another name (Omotola Afolabi 138) and that same person that got 138, they checked again the person got 338, meaning that there is a problem somewhere.

    “My principal and I went to the Commissioner of Education office last Friday. We showed the result to the commissioner of education and she snapped it and sent it to the JAMB officials. They called back saying it is a forged result. They called the DSS over to their office. The DSS took us to their office and we made our statement. They said we would be contacted later after investigating the result where it came from.

    “Instead of them to wait for the investigation to be over, they posted that I forged my result without confirming. I’m really sad. Since my nursery school I have been taking first. I scored over 300 in my common entrance. I’m a brilliant girl. I am not an illiterate that would forge results.”

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